Monday, September 21, 2009

A shoutout

If you’re a certified Card Dork™ like we are, then you probably already know about The Mincing Mockingbird and The Frantic Meerkat. We’ve posted about them before, but they deserve a little more electronic ink. Owned by Chicagoans-turned-Los Angelinos Matt Adrian (The Mincing Mockingbird) and Kim Bagwill (The Frantic Meerkat), these two companies are blowing up and gaining legions of fans on the Renegade Craft Fair circuit. And for good reason. Their work is funny and quirky and smart and beautiful, all at the same time.

We invited Matt and Kim over for a cheap dinner at OTF headquarters when they were in town for the SFCB Roadworks event last weekend. It’s always fun to talk to people who are in the same boat as we are, trying to make a living doing something they love. Can’t say enough good things about this talented duo. Now go buy stuff from them.


Kim Bagwill said...

Thanks for the shout out! It was so much fun hanging out with you guys and to see that it's normal for card makers to have boxes of cards in their living room. ;)

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