Thursday, August 30, 2012

Web gems galore

It's Thursday, which is as good a reason as any for us to share a few videos (or "vids" as the kids say) that have been tickling our collective funny bone around the office lately.

(WARNING: The first and third vid may or may not be safe for work, depending on whether or not your boss has a sense of humor.)

Okay, first up, the Sexy Sax Man:

Next up, a talented crew of Twin Cities kid-rappers with their catchy hit, "Hot Cheetos & Takis":

And last, but certainly not least, Australian-British comedian/musician Tim Minchin:

Thanks to Andy, Kelli, and Jen, respectively, for the hot tips.

Alright, back to work, everyone.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Come say hi (and place a huge order) at the NYIGF!

Are you a wholesale gift buyer? Are you going to be in NYC this weekend? Do you think our stuff is funnier than the bees' marginally laughable knees?

If you answered yes to all of those questions, come visit us at Booth #4245 at the NY International Gift Fair from August 19-23. We've got show specials and are unveiling a brand new line of letterpress coasters called Cocktail Notes!

If you visit our booth, you'll get a free half-dozen cards with any order over $200! What a steal!*

*A steal that comes with any order over $200.

And if you visit our booth and say the word "rhubarb," Joel will do a dance for you. (We haven't told Joel about this show special yet.)

Thanks, Old Tom Fools! Hope to see you in The Big Apple!

Extra! Extra! Big News from OTF

We're excited to introduce COCKTAIL NOTES—a new series of coasters guaranteed to make boozing even more fun.

Cocktail Notes, Vol. 1
Cocktail Notes, Vol. 2
Cocktail Notes, Vol. 3
These letterpress-printed coasters look like classic cocktail napkins, but with a twist: they each feature a unique, handwritten one-liner from humor writer/international man of mystery S.H. Carlyle.

Cocktail Notes are perfect to hand out as conversation starters at parties, give as hostess gifts, or share with anyone who likes to drink and be merry.

Read more and order from our website, or stop by Booth #4245 at the NY International Gift Fair to see the real deal in person.

Party on, Wayne!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Baby bump photos gone horribly, horribly wrong.

The folks over at World Wide Interweb have published their list of The 50 Most Awkward Pregnancy Portraits Ever. All we can say is wow. Just wow.

A few of our favorites:

See all 50 photos right here.

Thanks to our in-house web sleuth, Kelli with an "i", for the hot tip.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We got into Harvard!

It's true! We've been accepted to Harvard. Well, the Harvard Book Store, to be exact--but still, it's pretty cool, right? They'll be carrying our Footnotes and Headlines cards this holiday season.

I just hope the dude below *thinks* he finds a grammatical error on one of our cards while browsing in the book store and then attempts to humiliate us in a Harvard bar--only to be humiliated himself by our wicked smart buddy, Matt Damon.

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