Saturday, August 18, 2012

Extra! Extra! Big News from OTF

We're excited to introduce COCKTAIL NOTES—a new series of coasters guaranteed to make boozing even more fun.

Cocktail Notes, Vol. 1
Cocktail Notes, Vol. 2
Cocktail Notes, Vol. 3
These letterpress-printed coasters look like classic cocktail napkins, but with a twist: they each feature a unique, handwritten one-liner from humor writer/international man of mystery S.H. Carlyle.

Cocktail Notes are perfect to hand out as conversation starters at parties, give as hostess gifts, or share with anyone who likes to drink and be merry.

Read more and order from our website, or stop by Booth #4245 at the NY International Gift Fair to see the real deal in person.

Party on, Wayne!


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