Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympics special report: Stop the ponytail insanity

Is anyone else frightened by the sheer tautness of Olympic gymnasts' ponytails? Check out how this girl's entire face is being yanked back by a vengeful barrette:

And this poor kid's ponytail is pulled so tight, I think her hairline's starting to recede:

As an unofficial sponsor of the 2012 Olympic Games, it is Old Tom Foolery's position that the International Olympic Committee needs to crack down on these senselessly tight ponytails before someone gets hurt. If you agree, sign our IOC petition by leaving your name in the Comments section.

Together, we can save these flexible little heroes from the agony of painful ponies--and, perhaps more importantly, protect the viewing public from being exposed to all those super-stretched-back faces.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Meet Kelli. With an "i."

While we were super sad to lose our good friend (and phenomenal employee) Jen to a new career opportunity last month, we've been incredibly lucky to fill those giant shoes with perhaps the nicest person in the history of the planet: Kelli O'Keefe.

Kelli comes to OTF from a little store you may have heard of called Anthropologie, where she used to be an Assistant Store Manager. (Incidentally, Kelli is also the owner of an extensive Anthropologie wardrobe, making her, hands down, the best-dressed person in the office every day she's here--and making Lauren extremely jealous.)

A former intern at the world-famous letterpress shop Bruno Press, Kelli came highly recommended by the company's candid owner Mary Bruno. When checking references, we asked Mary to tell us about Kelli. Her response? "Kelli's the shit. You'll love her." We hired her the next day.

When she's not busy being the jill-of-all-trades for OTF, Kelli is also a freakishly talented illustrator. Her artwork is influenced by children's stories, and she's using her new part-time schedule to focus on growing her freelance illustration business. If you have kids, and you really love them, then you'd commission some of Kelli's custom art just for them. Check out her work at kelliokeefe.com.

In all her spare time, Kelli enjoys running marathons with her new bionic legs, planning her wedding (slated for next year), watching sci-fi movies, and admiring men with ponytails.

Welcome aboard, Kelli!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Look, Ma, we made the newspaper!

We were excited to open up the Minneapolis Star Tribune yesterday and see this nice little writeup about Old Tom Foolery...

Thanks, Neal St. Anthony, for giving the little guy a little ink! You can purchase the winning card (and lots of non-winning cards, too) right here.
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