Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jean of All Trades

Say hello to Jean Carey: the newest member of the OTF family.

Jean has been helping us out on Saturdays for the past few months, as a sales rep/business consultant/envelope stuffer/administrative assistant/bill collector/focus group of one/all-around doer of everything. In short, she's been a total lifesaver.

She sent us an email out of the blue back in January and asked if we could use some help. It was as if the heavens had delivered us an angel who was willing to be paid in greeting cards.

Jean's goal in coming to OTF was to get an insider's look at the greeting card industry. She's a lifelong lover of stationery, and hopes to one day open her own gift boutique or become a buyer for a stationery company.

Her sales experience is vast (she worked for The Ritz-Carlton for 8 years), her enthusiasm is contagious, and her knowlege of the stationery industry is impressive. She'd be a huge asset for any lucky stationery company with the ability to pay her what she's worth (in dollars, not cards).

As luck would have it, she's going to be in NYC for the National Stationery Show. So, if you're in the stationery industry and would like to meet with Jean to offer her some advice about breaking into the business, or better yet, offer her a high-paying job as a buyer or sales manager or something similar, shoot us an email to, and we'll put you two in touch.

Consider this one of her glowing job references.


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