Monday, July 19, 2010

OTF wins two LOUIE Awards!

Woo-hoo! We’re thrilled to report we took home our first- and second-ever LOUIE Awards back in May during the National Stationery Show in NYC.

For those of you who aren’t stationery-biz insiders, the LOUIEs are the Academy Awards of the greeting card industry.

The awards ceremony was a blast—we had fun hanging out with Ian and Sean from Bald Guy Greetings, Bryan and Michelle from Pictura, and the whole gang from J-Dig (all of whom took home their own LOUIEs that night). Needless to say, drunken celebratory shenanigans ensued.

So much happened that night, it’s hard to remember it all. A few of the highlights:
  • Ian’s ridiculously awesome wig at the LOUIE Awards
  • Our sketchy limo ride from the LOUIE Awards ceremony to a total dive bar called the Rusty Knot (a limo that incidentally reeked of strippers and massage oil)
  • Pickleback shots at the Rusty Knot (The Pickleback was the Rusty Knot’s house specialty drink, consisting of a shot of whiskey followed by a pickle juice chaser. And I must say, it was surprisingly tasty.)

Ahhhh, good times. I’m getting choked up just thinking about it. May 17, 2010, will certainly go down as a monumental day in the history of Old Tom Foolery.


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