Thursday, December 9, 2010

OTF Superfan Contest

Are you an Old Tom Foolery superfan? Tell us why and the person who has the craziest OTF superfan story will win SIX FREE CARDS of his or her choice. We might even share some of the stories if there are some doozies in there. Just email us at by December 31st and write "Superfan" in the subject line. Now have at it!


Kristen Jackson said...

I have no crazy story :( But I have given my husband an OTF card for just about every occasion of the past 2 years. For his first fathers day, our daughter was 2 months old and gave him a card reminding him that she was once his sperm. Our anniversary, screw all those people that we dumped to be together. And the anniversary the following year, it was indeed that day :)

OTF, letterpress that does not suck.

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