Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hall & Oates? Or just Oates?

We were ordering some mundane shipping supplies from Uline today when we were pleasantly surprised to find out we qualified for a free gift. Ooooh!! A free gift?! We never win free gifts!!

The suspense was killing us. What could it be? A pen? A bike? A new car??

Nope. Probably the most random free gift in the history of free gifts:

That's right. Either a Hall & Oates CD, or a solo Oates CD.

Everybody knows Oates is nothing without Hall (or a mustache, for that matter). Total no-brainer.

Which one would you have chosen?


Lydia said...

Total no brainer. Hall & Oates. I was lucky enough to receive the same gift from Uline. Well, actually it had been abandoned by the shipping and receiving guys who are clearly lacking in their musical prowess. I snapped it up immediately. Oh Uline... you so cray cray!

Jenni said...

Around Christmas time last year, they were offering the Hall & Oates Holiday album as a free gift!

gwendolyn said...

Ha ha love this.

Anonymous said...

Oates, no brainer. He was the puppeteer of the smooth duo. Just watch Yacht Rock.

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