Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New faces at Old Tom Foolery

We're happy to announce that there are some new faces at Old Tom Foolery.

This bright, smiling mug belongs to our new Right-Hand Lady, Heather. With 11 years of experience at Minneapolis-based Blu Dot, Heather is leading the charge on the sales and account management front. She's also a wiz when it come to marketing and really knows how to handle her power tools.

A fresh transplant from Orlando, we're happy to welcome Jen to the OTF team and Minnesota's frigid winters. Jen is our resident Does-Everything Gal and social media maven. You'll be hearing from her here on our blog and she'll surely be tweeting and facebooking away as well. Drop her a comment and make her feel all warm and fuzzy.

Things are a-changing at Old Tom Foolery, and we're looking forward to a doozy of a 2012 with our new gang.


Anonymous said...

Jen looks sharp as a tack and full of an unlawful amount of magic.

Anonymous said...


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