Thursday, January 19, 2012

OTF Takes a Field Trip

By now, you're all familiar with Old Tom Foolery's mascot, Ryder Lee.

We call him Master Scruffy McScruffenstien Esquire III
But there's a new dog in town, Zero, who is Jen's Mini Aussie/Border Collie (at least that's what we think she is).

Oh, hai.
Ryder and Zero finally met for the first time when OTF took a doggie field trip to the Minneapolis Metrodome last week. The stadium opened their revolving doors to furry four-legged friends of all sizes and energy levels to run, poo, and pee in the outer rim of the arena.

Ryder and Zero met tons of new doggies at the dome and begged us to have a slumber party in which all dogs would be required to paint each others' toenails and talk about that cute schnauzer in math class. However, everyone was pretty worn out after running around in a circle for two hours, so we called it a night.

"OMG, we should totes go get smoothies after this."
"Yes. Totes."
Zero understands her place as co-mascot and has agreed not to try to gain full mascot status. However, she continues to smell Ryder on Jen's jacket and boots for several minutes every night when she gets home from OTF. Plotting to overthrow the hierarchy?

We may never know.


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