Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sound it Out

Wow, it's already the 4th day of January. Have you given up on your resolutions for the new year yet? I haven't. I vowed to learn the English language real good by following these youTube videos from PronunciationManual:

Hm. I always thought it was pronounced like "quinoa." The K must be silent.

French appetizers have always had my tongue in a twist. Let's give hors d'oeuvres a try:

Mmm... diloosuss.

Or everyone's favourite tex-mex chain restaurant...

Sean Toodle.

If you're looking for someone to sound out English words and Hollywood's best more accurately, visit PronunciationBook (the original dude that PronunciationManual is mocking). But beware, the real guy will never teach you how to say gems like this:

I think Scroti Wontoobsis would approve.


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