Wednesday, November 18, 2009

May we all live to be 100

OTF is taking a short break for the next week because we're headed to Toledo for our Grandma Clara's 100th birthday party. Grandma is still very much full of life and loves the following things more than anything else:

1) Her family
2) Playing solitaire on her computer
3) Playing bingo at her nursing home

Grandma pretty much cleans house every time she plays bingo. She treasures her bingo prizes, which she calls "gadgets." They line almost every shelf in her room. And since she knows we have a greeting card business, she's always giving us her latest gadgets and encouraging us to sell them along with our cards. So, in honor of her 100th birthday, we've set up a shop specifically for her winnings. It's called Grandma Clara's Bingo Bonanza!, and you can check it out here. Be sure to check back often, as every time we come back from Toledo, we'll probably have more gadgets to add to the shop.

We'd like to sign off this post with some pictures of Grandma Clara, and her signature sign-off, "Have fun!"

Grandma and Grandpa at their wedding
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