Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We're big in Europe

It's always exciting when we come across blog posts about our cards. Especially when they come from other parts of the world. Although we have no idea what these posts are saying, we can only hope they're not hating on us.

Can any of you cunning linguists out there help us decipher these?
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kirk said...

Hey guys! The Russian text (third from the top) says something like this: "I was looking on omami.ru this morning at the collection of cards from the company Old Tom Foolery. The deal/essense of the cards is simple -- a standard/stock text and a footnote (the devil, which is in the details, is hiding in there). I cannot not share some of them."

That MA in linguistics is really paying off now!

Kirk/Sycamore Street Press

Old Tom Foolery said...

Thanks, Kirk. You're a cardmaker/linguist extraordinaire! Very impressive.

I should be able to translate the German post considering I studied it for 2 years in high school and 2 more years in college, but, sadly, I got nothin'.

shoestring jetsetter said...

The German says pretty much:

'Imprinted Small Print (or something to the effect of small printed letterpress)

You say, "Oh great, you´re here too!". You think, "Do you have to be? After all, you never gave me back my damn DVD, you jerkoff!" And voilá, the greeting card that conveys in small print what you´re really thinking, but in big print advice and creative greetings/wishes:

Small print for non-beginners:

What: "The Footnotes Collection," good blasphemy meets good design. Small print was never so likeable...und suddenly you want to buy greeting cards...'

*Hope that helps! I agree with the article, I think you´re cards are absolutely amazing!

--Nicole (yet another cunning linguist)

Old Tom Foolery said...

Awesome. Thanks, Nicole!

Rachel (JolieJolie) said...

If the text itself is in HTML (not static images) then you can run it through google translator! Just plug the URL in and it translates what it can:)

hope that helps

Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

The french one says something like: "Keep these for people you love and who are really self-deprecating or are so used to your dry sense of humor that they'll smile, roll their eyes, and sigh "this is sooooo (insert your name here)." Each card has a simple message, Happy Birthday, I Love You, Thank You so Much, to which is added a completely sarcastic little message at the bottom of the page."

Old Tom Foolery said...

Thanks, Eva! Man, you two are amazing!

Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

No problem! We never have the chance to practice, so this was fun for us.

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